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My name is Scott Grayson. Welcome to my blog, StrengthAndReason.com.


I started this blog as an outlet for the tangle of thoughts always running through my head. I have found that the best way to avoid intellectual overwhelm is to vent all those ideas and set them free into the world in the form of words. The Internet is as good of a place as any to do so. Plus, a blog gives me a place to practice writing.

My writing from the early months of Strength and Reason is nothing short of cringe-worthy, but isn’t that always the case with these types of projects? If I see progress through the days and weeks, I’ll know this endeavor is worth it.


When it comes down to it, I believe that we’re all searching for freedom. And no one is going to give it to you. You must work hard to earn freedom by investing in yourself so that you can stop trading your time for a paycheck and instead start selling the value you create in order to build wealth.

The word that best describes our society is “absurd.” We live in an absurdist world where academics, corporate media, and government want us to see the world as they say it is, instead of how it really is.

Life is better when you use your mind. Reason and critical thinking free you from the influence of other people so you can form your own opinions, make your own decisions, and guide your life in the manner that suits you.

Live your life on your terms, not someone else’s.


  • Wealth = Freedom / Independence
    • Improve yourself to improve your chances of financial success.
    • Build skills to:
      • Make yourself indispensable.
      • Focus on creating value.
      • Trade value for money. Stop trading time for money.
    •  Acceptance
      • Put your energy into what you can control and accept what you can’t control.
      • Not in your control:
        • Where you start.
        • Obstacles that get thrown in your way.
      • What is in your control:
        • How you respond.
        • How you build your life.
        • Where you are in life right now.
      • Accountability
        • You are responsible for where you are in life.
        • There are always tradeoffs. You must understand what you are giving up when you make a decision.
      • Non-Aggression
        • Respect others but don’t be afraid to make them earn it. Respect is not given.
        • Don’t hurt other people.
        • Don’t take anything from other people.
      • Be Productive
        • People are happier when they are productive.
        • You define your success.
        • Never stop learning.
        • Don’t settle for mediocrity.
        • Action is the only thing that creates opportunity.
      • Use Your Mind
        • Limiting beliefs hold you back. Build a life beyond mental barriers.
        • Don’t fail before you start.
        • Apply principles from economics, physics, cognitive science, mathematics, and philosophy to your decision-making.


    Strength and Reason’s goal is simply to help you be more accountable, view the world with a more critical eye, learn to think for yourself, be slightly healthier, and feel slightly better. And, if I can convince you to take control of your income, and by extension, free yourself from dependence on the government, a boss, a bank, or any other institution, then that’s even better.

    All the best,
    Contact email: scottg[at]strengthandreason[dot]com

    Remember: Use Your Mind!


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