This is what you need to know about headlines

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To come to an informed conclusion, one needs to check all available facts. Often headlines use selective facts to capture the reader’s attention. That’s why you must read beyond the headline to get the whole story. It’s all the goldfish’s fault Popular Internet fodder says that goldfish have a longer attention span than people. I … Read more

You Need to Know Life’s Dirty Little Secret


Here’s a little secret. It’s something we used to know and understand. But as the entitlement culture’s virus has spread, we’ve forgotten it. The secret is this: Life isn’t fair. Some people enjoy shaming others because they were born with some advantage. While others love to play the victim card at every opportunity. All because … Read more

Strength and Reason Weekend Rubbernecker: The Universe isn’t out to get you

The Universe isn't out to get you

Strength and Reason Weekend Rubbernecker April 17, 2020 How many times does it seem like the Universe has it in for you? Likethere’s a function in Universe OS whose purpose is to throw the worstjunk at you. And that function is stuck in an endless loop. You keeping smashing the ESC key, but no luck. … Read more

Social media fitness gurus are running to this market faster than politicians can give your tax dollars to its cronies.

Rahm Emanuel said to “never let a serious crisis go to waste.” And our politicians, ever on the lookout for reasons to expand their power and spend our hard-earned money, are complying. But so are the hordes of social media fitness gurus. Anyone can set up an Instagram or Twitter account and declare themselves a … Read more

Survivorship Bias: Dropping Out of School Won’t Make You a Billionaire. I Don’t Care Who Did It.

We love stories of people who bucked conventional wisdom to achieve incredible success. But not accounting for the failures in these stories is an error that distorts our view of reality. So and so dropped out of high school and started a business while working a paper route. Everyone told our intrepid maverick that X … Read more