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Common terms used on Strength and Reason:

  • Beta Male in Denial – A loud, obnoxious, overly aggressive male suffering under the delusion that he is an alpha male.
  • CEDTTO – Chief Executive Dog Treat Tasting Officer. The Strength and Reason executive officer in charge of eating dog treats.
  • Cubicle Zombie – The non-productive, zombie-like state that corporate and government drones live in thanks to ineffective leadership and the failure of those organizations to value the individual. Cubicle zombies are frequently characterized by a lifestyle with an unhealthy focus on weekends and vacations as a means of escape from their unfulfilling jobs/careers. Weekends and vacations usually find cubicle zombies using alcohol, drugs, or mindless entertainment to “relax” or “escape” the “real world.”
  • Cubicle Zombie Collective – A societal construct built around government education and consumerism designed to push otherwise intelligent and productive individuals into a life as a cubicle zombie. The Cubicle Zombie Collective is characterized by individuals dumbed down to the point where they no longer question what is reported by corporate media or the motives behind the actions of politicians.
  • GF – My girlfriend. She’s a girl, she’s a friend, she’s my girlfriend. Also, a master eye-roller.
  • Negative Thought Hell – That special place where I banish negative thoughts to die in a fiery inferno. I actually visualize those negative thoughts shrieking while they burn away to nothing. It works. You should try it.
  • Primitive Mind – A state of mind characterized by the use of reason and common sense in life. The primitive minded individual openly puts his welfare and the welfare of his family and close friends above all else. He focuses first on gaining self-sufficiency and independence from the state for himself and his family before turning his attention to individuals outside of his family. Typically referred to as selfish or self-centered by virtue signaling “woke” individuals.
  • Shirley the Dog – My dog. She’s a boxett hound (imagine a boxer with short legs and long, floppy ears) and the CEDTTO (Chief Executive Dog Treat Tasting Officer) of Strength and Reason.
  • Snowflake Moment – That moment when you admit that the snowflakes are taking over the world. That a sense of entitlement and safe spaces are as ubiquitous as Starbucks locations. It’s usually the realization that personal responsibility doesn’t exist in the snowflake world that pushes you to drop out of the cubicle zombie collective to take control of your life.
  • Universal OS – The operating system that controls the functioning of the Universe.


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