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S & R Best of the Best

Ahem. There are some affiliate links on this page. If you buy something from me, I can afford to take my girlfriend out for dinner. That makes her very happy. Read my full affiliate disclosure here.

Below are some books, podcasts, supplements, and gear that add value to my life. Of course, value is subjective. So. there aren’t any guarantees any of this will do the same for you. Also, remember that owning stuff for the sake of owning it won’t bring you fulfillment. Use your mind.

note: all Amazon links on this page are affiliate links.

Best Books

Entrepreneur and Business

Being an entrepreneur can be daunting at first. Here are some books that helped ground me and develop the necessary entrepreneur mindset.

Blogging, Writing, Content Marketing, and Copywriting


Economics goes beyond money. It stretches into people’s motivations to act in a certain way and the results of those acts. One way to view economics is that it’s about understanding cause and effect. How will a new government policy change people’s behavior? With what results? Because of that, it gives perspective to a lot of the questions facing us today.

Everyone should have a basic understanding of economics. Politicians, businessmen, and the corporate media would have you believe that economics is too complicated for the average person to understand. And plenty of people are more than happy to perpetuate that myth. But, it’s not true. Here are some great books to get you started. The first two are the best.


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