You Need to Know Life’s Dirty Little Secret


Here’s a little secret. It’s something we used to know and understand. But as the entitlement culture’s virus has spread, we’ve forgotten it. The secret is this: Life isn’t fair. Some people enjoy shaming others because they were born with some advantage. While others love to play the victim card at every opportunity. All because … Read more You Need to Know Life’s Dirty Little Secret

Acceptance (Entrepreneur Journal – 12/2/2019)

Acceptance and Dream Big

Welcome to the December 2, 2019, edition of my entrepreneur journal. You can find my previous journal entries here. I had another slow week. I took a break from writing last week so that I could spend Thanksgiving with family and friends. One Thanksgiving lunch and one Thanksgiving dinner (both with pie) later, and I’m … Read more Acceptance (Entrepreneur Journal – 12/2/2019)