You Need to Know Life’s Dirty Little Secret


Here’s a little secret. It’s something we used to know and understand. But as the entitlement culture’s virus has spread, we’ve forgotten it. The secret is this: Life isn’t fair. Some people enjoy shaming others because they were born with some advantage. While others love to play the victim card at every opportunity. All because … Read more

How to Cope With Impostor Syndrome


Throughout human history, impostor syndrome has plagued mankind. The first cave painters to modern writers and artists have felt the anxiety-causing bite of impostor syndrome over their great works. While I’m no great writer, I’ve dealt with it as well. In this post, I’m going to discuss my tactics for coping with impostor syndrome. The … Read more

Be Smarter Than the Average Pinball


Life has a unique capacity to throw bad situations at us when we least expect it. Or good opportunities. It depends on our outlook. Last summer, I was still a brainless drone in the cubicle-zombie collective. That’s when I had a conflict with a supervisor over an ethical issue. My supervisor did something unethical on … Read more

Hard Work Doesn’t Care About Your Safe Space

Hard work

I used to have a regular cubicle-zombie job. I got up every morning and dragged myself to an office where management encourages mediocrity. Because of that, I felt trapped in a never-ending case study on the Dunning-Kruger effect. Working for other people leaves me with a sense of not having control over my life. It … Read more

I Hate to Tell You This: But You Need to Sleep (sleep part 2)

Sleeping Tiger

What if I told you there’s a way to unleash your high-performance potential? And it won’t cost you anything but your time. No drugs, doctor visits, or overpriced Internet guru mastermind required. And when I say high performer, I mean top performer across the board: physical and mental. You’ll crank up everything. From your health … Read more