The 2 Items Your Success Toolbox Needs

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Peanut butter on bread

You can take advantage of many books, programs, and seminars to add new tools to your success toolbox. Everything from copywriting to mindset training is available. But the truth is, the two most vital tools in your toolbox are patience and persistence.

The Great Peanut Butter Crisis of 2020

For something like ten days, I couldn’t get peanut butter. That’s enough to make me violent. (Don’t worry, no one gets injured in this story).

Two grocery stores and online ordering turned up nary a jar of the creamy (or chunky) good stuff. I had no problem finding fake peanut butter. Or that crazy powdered junk.

But the entitled Gen X’er, who is El ScAwsomeo, only deals in the real stuff. Uncut and unadulterated ground peanuts and salt. Anything else is an abomination to the peanut butter eaters of the world.

I considered tweeting at The Donald to demand he declare a state of emergency. And mobilize the military. Nothing gets a politician excited like an emergency they can exploit for their own gain.

Hell, these situations are better than Viagra for getting the male D.C. denizens hot in the trousers. And they elicit heavy breathing from the women faster than a diamond bracelet and warm breath on the neck.

Recent presidents have proven willing to declare a national emergency for almost anything. So why not because of a peanut butter shortage? I can’t think of a better reason.

But, I practiced restraint.

I checked the peanut butter aisle every time I went to the grocery store. But the shelves stayed empty even as the stores restocked other sections.

This, too, will pass, I told myself. I’ll weather this storm and come out the other end stronger.

I struggled on. Peanut butter withdrawal had me creeping around like Gollum pining for his precious. That’s when I ventured into the grocery store to restock some supplies.

I made my way through the aisles, grabbing what I could. And I admit, I thought about faking a cough to see how quick I could make people scatter. Anything to entertain myself. That was when I found it. My salvation.

(And no, I wasn’t serious about faking being sick.)

The peanut butter section was still a ghost town of empty shelf-space. Many dust bunnies had taken up residence on the store shelves. They lived amongst that black grime that accumulates on neglected grocery store shelves. But not much else.

But there, set out next to it’s shelf-tag, was one lonely case of fresh stocked peanut butter. Each glowing jar set out in perfect lines. The first indicator that we would survive this crisis.

I stashed a jar in my basket, safe in a corner cushioned by some sweet potatoes. And I only took one jar, no reason for selfishness in this time of need.

When I looked up, the desolation of the aisle struck me. No stock person around to thank for this bounty. And no fellow customers to celebrate with. Oh well, I thought as I took my prize and headed for the check-out.

So, the Great Peanut Butter Crisis of 2020 came a close.

Yes, There’s a Point

What’s the point of this story?

For one, I want everyone to know how much I suffered.

Second, there is a lesson.

Remember, the path to success isn’t a straight line. It’s full of ups and downs. Some days it seems like everything is in your favor, and other days will make you want to crawl under the bed.

Internet guru promises of shortcuts will tempt you. Who wouldn’t want to buy an ebook that unlocks the magical formula that will yield you $10k/mo with 1 hour of work? It’s yours for the low price of $37 (discounted to $17 for today only).

You must resist.

There are no shortcuts to success.

Patience and persistence are the most powerful tools in your toolbox. Learn to practice them, and, like I was able to find a jar of peanut butter, you’ll find success.

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